Fuji Womens Road Bikes

Fuji bikes was founded in 1899 at the base of the great mountain in Japan. It is one of the oldest bike brands and has acquired a huge world following in that time. Its operates from a number of countries in the world and has conquered the mighty US bike market. Its womens road bike 2012 range comes in the form of the Finest and Supreme models, which has been designed with ladies in mind.

Fuji Supreme 2.0 and 3.0

The Fuji Supreme series consists of 3 different bikes with varying levels of quality components. At the top top end is the Fuji Supreme 1.0, which is a full carbon racing bike with carbon forks. It has a full Shimano Ultegra groupset including compact crankiest and 10 speed rear gears.It has been made with Oval W-745 carbon/alloy wheels and comes with an silver/orange paintwork. The Supreme 2.0 has a 105 groupset, whilst the 3.0 has a Shimano 105/Tiagra mix. The Supreme 2.0 also runs on Oval wheels but they are not carbon and only an alloy. The 3.0 has the Alex ALX-200 wheelset. Finally the colour schemes are slightly different with the 2.0 coming in white/aqua and the 3.0 coming in silver/pink.

Fuji Finest 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0

This range of road bikes is forged in aluminium AL-SL for the frame and has carbon forks. The 1.0 has a Shimano 105/Tiagra groupset with a triple 9 speed gear system and has Alex AKX R1.0 wheels. The 2.0 runs the Sora groupset with the same gear system, but Formula Alloy hubs and Alex R500 rims. The 3.0 has a Sora/2300 Shimano groupset mix and is 8 speed at the back with basic standard wheels. The 1.0 comes in mint green/white the 2.0 in dark silver/pearl and finally the 3.0 in dark blue/light blue.

All the Fuji womens bikes come in 44cm (XS), 47cm (S), 50cm (M), 53cm (L) and 56cm (XL) frame sizes. This is a wide range of choice and allows you to decide how important components are to you as a rider.

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