Cooper Womens Road Bikes

A very recent company in the cycling world Cooper bikes are backed up by the amazing Cooper Car company brand. They launched their first bikes in London in 2009. They only have one women’s road bike for sale currently, but it is a great beginners race bike with 5 gears and comfort in mind. This is definitely a company to watch for the future.

Cooper T250 Aintree

This is more of a road bike for meandering thorough the countryside or city, with no real rush to go anywhere. It has the elegant drop top tube frame and is made of steel like days of old. It is a classic that comes in 48cm, 52cm and 57cm with a light blue paint job. It weighs 10.8kg which isn’t actually that bad if you use the bike for what it is intended i.e. no large hills ;)

Go classic with a Cooper T250 Aintree which does exactly what it says on the tin.

Cooper T250 Aintree 2012 Review