Bianchi Womens Road Bikes

Founded in 1885 Bianchi turned 125 in 2010. One of the oldest bicycle companies in the world its heritage and legacy proceeds it. Started in Milan, Northern Italy, Bianchi has been involved in the sport of road racing since the start. The company has always tried innovate and produce top of range products. Bianchi have their own Tour de France team and many of the bikes that the riders use are available for sale to the general public.

C2C range and Via Nirone 7 series

The womens offering is the Via Nirone 7 Dama Bianca 105 and Dama Bianca Sora. Both bikes feature the Via Nirone 7 Hydro Aluminium frame with aluminium/carbon forks. The Dama Bianca 105 like the name suggests comes with a 105 groupset with FSA Omega Megoexo compact cranks and a 10 speed rear. It comes in a white/black/bianchi green colour mix. The Dama Bianca Sora has the Shimano Sora groupset with FSA Vero compact with a 9 speed rear and a white/black/pink paintwork. The 105 runs on Maddux RX5.1 in custom black wheelset, whereas the Sora has wheels built with Jalco DRX400 rims and Jagtech hubs.

Bianchi has produced two good bikes this year, but not a carbon offering for ladies. It would be good to see them come up with a carbon road bike to rival its competitors.

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